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Drug and alcohol screenings are standard practice for many companies before employment, after accidents, and randomly throughout employment. The medical providers at Fremont Urgent Care Center offer immediate, on-site screenings to meet the needs of employers in Fremont, California. The Fremont Urgent Care Center screens for a variety of drugs through urine, blood, breath, and hair testing. Call the center today to set up blood and alcohol testing for your company.

Drug and Alcohol Screenings Q & A

Fremont Urgent Care Center

How does the doctor screen for alcohol and drugs?

The medical providers at Fremont Urgent Care Center can test for the presence of drugs and alcohol in the system using:

  • Urine drug test
  • Blood drug test
  • Hair drug test
  • Breath alcohol test
  • Saliva drug screen

Typically, companies use urinalysis to check for drugs and alcohol, most often substances such as:

  • Amphetamines
  • Methamphetamine
  • Cocaine
  • Marijuana
  • Opiates

Urine contains traces of these substances long after their effects wear off, and the lab testing accuracy rate for them is very high.

Why do employers require these screenings?

To ensure the safety of employees, many companies screen for drugs and alcohol as part of their pre-employment process. Substance abuse causes impairments at work and can lead to safety hazards, increased health care costs, and lost productivity time.

Companies demonstrate their intolerance for drugs or alcohol simply by putting drug screenings into place. It implies to the community that they value a safe drug- and alcohol-free work zone. Drug and alcohol tests also help businesses provide early intervention for people at risk of developing addictions.

When do companies test for drugs and alcohol?

Many companies require pre-employment drug and alcohol testing to prevent hiring anyone who uses illegal drugs. Some companies also conduct random drug testing to ensure employees stay drug-free.

Jobs in industries regulated by the DOT, such as truck and bus driving, require drug and alcohol testing. Most employers require drug testing after accidents to make sure illegal substances didn’t contribute to the accident. If an employer has reasonable suspicion of drug use, it may request drug testing.

John Giddens, MD, provides instant or scheduled drug and alcohol testing for employers. Dr. Giddens is a certified medical review officer (MRO) and certified to review drug and alcohol results.

What is reasonable suspicion?

Reasonable suspicion is a topic discussed in human resources departments across the country, but many people don’t know what it really means. Reasonable suspicion allows companies to test employees for drugs and alcohol if an employee shows symptoms consistent with substance use.

To test someone on reasonable suspicion, a supervisor must document the signs and symptoms they’ve observed and verify them with another manager. If the second person confirms the reasonable suspicion, they may request a drug and alcohol screening. Many companies have comprehensive policies in place for reasonable suspicion, and it’s important to follow them precisely.

If you’re an employer in the Tri-City area and would like to use Fremont Urgent Care Center's drug and alcohol testing services, please contact the office to discuss your options.


Fremont Urgent Care Center accepts most major insurance providers. Discount for cash payments is available as well. Insurances NOT accepted: ADMAR, American Specialty Health - Acupuncture, Healthy Families (Blue Cross), Lifeguard, Medi-Cal, any out of state insurance (call for eligibility), & any overseas insurance.

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