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Urgent Care & Occupational Medicine Center located in Fremont, CA

Concentra® acquired Fremont Urgent Care on September 19, 2020. Fremont Urgent Care, now Concentra – Fremont, has a long history of providing care in Fremont and a strong reputation, and Concentra is honored to continue that exceptional legacy. For more information, please visit

For invoices with services dates after September 19, 2020, billing will be conducted from Concentra’s billing office in Ontario, California. Any invoices with service dates prior to September 19 will be completed by Fremont Urgent Care. Please call 619-678-0771 or email to pay bills for visits made prior to September 19, 2020.

About Fremont Urgent Care Center

At Fremont Urgent Care Center we believe that serving, caring and healing are why we are here.  Fremont Urgent Care was established in 1984, to make medical care affordable and accessible to the residents in Fremont and surrounding areas. We continue to strive for excellence in healthcare, doing our best so that every patient feels they are receiving individualized medical care. Our clinician team is led by owner and Medical Director, John Giddens, M.D.   Julia Nyquist, MD, and Veronica Caballero, a certified physician assistant are also full time providers. In addition, we have three part time physicians who assist on a weekly basis, so we can offer healthcare to the community seven days a week. 

Our team brings their skill and compassion to people of all ages, from pediatrics to geriatrics.  In addition to offering Urgent Care, we work closely with employers in the area to care for their injured workers.  The complex world of workers’ compensation is not for the inexperienced clinician.  A clinic that understands the administrative complexity of the workers’ compensation system, can make a huge difference for a patient recovering from a work injury.  Fremont Urgent Care also offers physicals and screenings necessary for employment.  

Our X-Ray department is open during all clinic hours, as well as our laboratory and physical exam services. We are here to support the community and businesses seeking a partnership with their occupational medicine clinic. Our commitment to you is that we make your experience at Fremont Urgent Care a positive one.

Occupational Medicine

• New Hire Exams

DOT Driver Exams

• Police and Fire Exams

• Return to Work / Fit for Duty

• Surveillance Physicals

       - Respirator

       - Hazardous Materials

       - ERT

Drug and Alcohol Testing

• Physical Ability Testing/Lift Tests

• Spirometry (lung capacity testing)

• Audiology (hearing)

• Vaccinations & TB Testing

• Laboratory


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Workers’ Compensation

• Injuries

      - Lacerations

      - Sprains and Strains

      - Simple Fractures

      - Repetitive Motion Injuries

      - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

      - Slips, Trips and Falls

      - Foreign Body to the Eye

• Chemical Exposure

• Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure

• Infectious Disease Exposure

• Hearing Conservation Program Variances

• Physical Therapy


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Urgent Care


Physical Exams

DOT Driver Exams

Wellness Exams

• Vaccinations & TB Testing

• Lacerations

• Colds, Coughs & Flu

Sprains & Strains

• Urinary Tract Infections

• Skin Rashes

• Bronchitis or Sinus Infection

• Simple Fractures

• Burns

• Ear Infections

• Physical Therapy


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