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Occupational Medicine Services

Fremont Urgent Care is the leading provider of full-service occupational medical services to Tri-City businesses since 1984. Physicians are on duty seven days a week. We offer extended office hours and expanded on-site services including X-ray, lab work and a full time physical therapist. We minimize the time your employees take off work by offering in-house referrals for orthopedic specialists, hand, back and neurological specialists.

Fremont Urgent Care offers businesses the e-Galen internet access program. This user-friendly system provides employers with instant access to HIPAA compliant reports such as the Doctors' First Reports and Status Reports for your workers' compensation employees.

Occupational Injuries & Illnesses

- Repetitive Strain and overuse injuries

- Sprains and strains

- Rashes, cuts, fractures, & burns

- Diseases

- Industrial injuries

- Worker compensation services

Physical Exams

- On-site physicals

- DOT Physicals

- Commercial driver medical exams

- Respirator certification exams

- Pulmonary function tests

- Hazardous material exams

- Hazardous chemical exposure exams

- Pre-employment exams

- Worker compensation services

- OSHA mandated exams

- Medical surveillance exams

Drug and Alcohol Testing

- Instant testing

- Federal Drug Screen Test (DOT) commercial drivers & non-drivers

- Breath alcohol testing (certified technicians)

- Non-federal drug testing

- On-site drug and alcohol testing

- Medical review officer services

OSHA Compliance

- Spirometry respirator certification

- Medical surveillance exams (OSHA mandated)

- Hazardous chemical exposure monitoring

Occupational Medicine

• New Hire Exams

DOT Driver Exams

• Police and Fire Exams

• Return to Work / Fit for Duty

• Surveillance Physicals

       - Respirator

       - Hazardous Materials

       - ERT

Drug and Alcohol Testing

• Physical Ability Testing/Lift Tests

• Spirometry (lung capacity testing)

• Audiology (hearing)

• Vaccinations & TB Testing

• Laboratory


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Workers’ Compensation

• Injuries

      - Lacerations

      - Sprains and Strains

      - Simple Fractures

      - Repetitive Motion Injuries

      - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

      - Slips, Trips and Falls

      - Foreign Body to the Eye

• Chemical Exposure

• Blood Borne Pathogen Exposure

• Infectious Disease Exposure

• Hearing Conservation Program Variances

• Physical Therapy


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Urgent Care


Physical Exams

DOT Driver Exams

Wellness Exams

• Vaccinations & TB Testing

• Lacerations

• Colds, Coughs & Flu

Sprains & Strains

• Urinary Tract Infections

• Skin Rashes

• Bronchitis or Sinus Infection

• Simple Fractures

• Burns

• Ear Infections

• Physical Therapy


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